Who We Serve

Individuals, Families, Foundations and Trusts
Our clients are individuals and families with significant wealth. Being wealthy comes with substantial responsibilities and challenges. We help clients like you with these challenges every day. We also manage money for foundations and trusts.

Institutions and Retirement Plans
We manage institutional money including corporate pension and profit sharing plans, college endowments, partnerships and professional services firms.

Why People Change Advisors

People change advisors for different reasons. The most common are:

  • A significant life event such as the sale of a business, inheritance, divorce or retirement.
  • Their needs have changed and they have outgrown their current advisor.
  • They don’t know how their investments have performed because most advisors do not provide regular performance reports (which are different from statements of holdings).
  • Poor performance, excessive fees, proprietary products, inattention, conflicts of interest and/or lack of transparency by their current firm.
  • They don’t understand their investments or their advisors don’t understand them.
  • Their advisors retired or changed firms.

To the untrained eye, all investment firms look the same. In reality, there are meaningful differences that can impact both your investment experience and your ability to reach your goals. Choosing the right investment firm is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  In our experience, many people don’t know the right questions to ask, so here are some of the questions you should ask your advisor.

Why People Choose Us

Our clients entrust us to manage about $2.3 Billion of their wealth because:

Clients come first. Legally, operationally and culturally, we put our clients’ interests first.

We are seasoned investment professionals who have successfully guided clients through multiple market cycles.

Our due diligence process demands a thorough understanding of the risks involved in any investment we make. We gain that understanding through one-on-one meetings with every manager and an exhaustive analysis of every potential investment.

We do not take unnecessary risks. Our focus is on customizing strategies that will work over full market cycles. Our investment plans are geared toward losing less in down markets and performing well in good markets, which is the real secret to achieving long term growth and preservation of capital.

We are reliable. We do what we say we are going to do for our clients.

We are accessible. We strive to be available as soon as our clients contact us. Our clients are our first priority.

We are fully transparent. Between our personalized quarterly reports and regular conversations, clients always know exactly how they are invested and how their investments are performing.

We know our clients. We understand them financially and personally. That helps us deliver the advice and the results they need to reach their financial goals.

Communication. We believe that building trust and confidence is key to a successful long term relationship, and good communication is critical.

  • Client calls and emails are typically returned the same day.
  • We meet with clients regularly to see what has changed and if their investment plans need to be modified.
  • Every client receives a quarterly investment report detailing their results for the quarter, year-to-date and since inception, in addition to monthly brokerage statements.

Counseling. We are available to answer all of our clients’ financial questions.

Collaboration. We work with our clients and their attorneys, accountants and other trusted advisors and family members to help clients reach their financial goals.

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